Who We Are

The Australian Biocare Institute are proud to provide Australian based Dental Professionals with the most advanced dental knowledge from around the world. Throughout the years we have worked to become a reference point for research and professional development.

We have dental development courses located in Sydney, Australia and around the world. Due to the advancement in technology we soon hope to provide online courses available to anyone regardless of location.

Continually working with International colleagues has allowed us to spread knowledge to others and also allowed us to learn and grow ourselves. We are proud to work with competent and experienced teams from around Australia and other parts of the world. Through our courses we are confident that you will be able to increase your knowledge and experience and take away valuable information and skills that can be applied to your everyday work.

Our Mission

Our mission is focused in research and healthcare to restore the quality of life to fellow beings

University Based Learning

Learning environment is extremely important. Our courses are located in the top universities of each country, putting you in the best environment physically and mentally to be ready to learn.

Live Patients

Our practical courses feature live patients, allowing the teaching surgeon to demonstrate from the treatment plan to the final surgical & prosthetic procedure.

New Paradigms

We are always looking for new ways and methods to innovate and evolve our training courses for both general dentistry and industry specialists.


All of our training courses are backed by professional, industry backed research to ensure we only offer trusted, approved methods and practices.